We love iPhone concepts because they spark our imaginations about what Apple could do with future devices. Some iPhone concepts are crazier than others, however, and a new concept created by designer Martin Hajek is one we feel confident that Apple will never, ever design. As you can see in the render at the top of the page, Hajek has actually created a future version of the iPhone that’s designed to work like an old-school flip phone.

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Hajek tacitly acknowledges that this isn’t a product Apple would ever make but he does note that giant flip phones called “garakei” still have a large following in Japan. In the render below, Hajek shows what his proposed iFlipPhone looks like side-by-side with an actual garakei device.

Source: Martin Hajek

While we’re 100% confident that this product has zero shot of becoming a reality, we do love Hajek’s zany outside-the-box design ideas for future iPhones and this is definitely one of his zaniest yet.

Be sure to check out his full gallery of concept renders by clicking here.

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