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Angry mother gives Steve Ballmer an earful

Updated 4 years ago
Published Oct 12th, 2007 7:56AM EDT

Poor Steve Ballmer. This guy just can’t stop putting his giant foot in his mouth. The brash Microsoft executive got taken to school by an angry mother during a question and answer session at the Gartner ITxpo conference. The woman, speaking on behalf of her 13 year old daughter, started shouting at Ballmer, claiming that she was forced to uninstall Vista and downgrade back to XP just two days after her daughter installed the new OS due to bugs and system issues. To his credit, Ballmer managed to fire back by saying “Your daughter saw a lot of value.” To the mom’s credit, she responded by saying “She’s 13.” Steve-O continued un-phased, stating that Vista is “bigger” than XP, and isn’t going to get any “smaller” with the upcoming SP 1 revision. The mom got the last word, however, shouting “Good, I’ll let you come over and install it for me” before triumphantly leaving her soapbox for calmer waters. Nice try, Steve, but we think the mom won this round.


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