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Another Android 5.0 Lollipop bug is driving Android users up the wall

Android Lollipop App Switcher Bug

As the highly anticipated Android 5.0 update begins to roll out, many Android users are excited to see just how much has changed. There are plenty of new features and a gorgeous, updated user interface, but there also appear to be a few bugs worth watching out for.

On Monday, Android 5.0 users began reporting that the update had removed Silent Mode from their phones entirely. On Tuesday, José Alvarez Núñez found another issue.

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According to Núñez, swiping away recent apps in the app switcher is no longer a reliable way to close them. In a video demonstration, he shows the apps being closed, only to reappear the next time he opens the app switcher. A few of the apps appear again, one by one, until they are all finally closed.

As Android Police notes, the updated Lollipop app switcher has a new look and functions differently from the old Android app switcher. It can keep track of a ton of open apps at once, but the bug only seems to trigger in these scenarios. With just three or four apps running, you should be able to close them all without having to return to the recent apps view.

The bug has reared its ugly head on both the new Moto X and the Nexus 5, which likely means that this is an OS-wide issue. Something else to be aware of before upgrading to Lollipop.

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