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American Airlines set to offer free in-flight Wi-Fi

Here’s one for the frequent fliers amongst us. American Airlines has revealed that they will be offering free wireless internet on all of their Boeing 767-200s that fly transcontinental routes. The planes will be equipped with broadband Wi-Fi access courtesy of Aircell, and should be available to all business class and economy class passengers. If successful, the service could be expanded to all of American’s flights, which would be great news as far as we’re concerned. Let’s just hope they ban any UMA/VoIP capable devices, as we’re pretty sure that allowing passengers to talk on the phone in-flight could lead to an increase in in-flight homicides…But it does look like JetBlue has the right idea.

UPDATE: It looks like we jumped the gun a bit on this one. Aircell has informed us that this service will not be free, despite earlier reports to the contrary. They have yet to solidify their pricing plans, but seem to be aiming for the $10/flight price point. While $10 ain’t free, keep in mind that this service aims to provide full web access, in comparison to Jet Blue’s service which, as of now, will only be offering limited email and IM privileges.


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