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8 best paid iPhone apps on sale for free today only

Best Free iPhone Apps

If you missed out on the nine paid iPhone and iPad apps on sale for free we showed you yesterday, don’t despair: we’ve got eight more great paid apps on sale for free to share with you today. Wednesday’s list includes a wide range of apps spanning all different categories, so there should be something for everyone. There are also still a few freebies to be found in yesterday’s post, so be sure to check that one out if you missed it on Tuesday.

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These are paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time by their developers. There is no way to tell how long they will be free. These sales could end an hour from now or a week from now — obviously, the only thing we can guarantee is that they were free at the time this post was written. If you click on a link and see a price listed next to an app instead of the word “get,” it is no longer free. The sale has ended. If you download the app, you will be charged.

Splyce Premium

Normally $2.99

Feel the power of music with Splyce & Pulselocker! Over 40 human curated music charts for the best music player with auto-mix on the App Store!

Live a whole new music experience with Splyce! The most beautiful music player with magical DJ powers.

For a mind blowing experience with your iPhone’s music, just select your favorite songs, order them (we’ll help you with BPM’s and visual clues) and click play! It’s really that simple! But Splyce has a lot more to offer: it will mix (for real) your music, you can select the mix mode and the mixing time, and turn on light and visual effects that will allow you to throw the best parties in town. It’s like having your own DJ always with you!

Take the most out of Splyce with the Splycelists: save your playlists and mixing settings and enhance your playlists. Work with more than one and feel the power of the smart length and seek engine. Feel a whole different experience around your favorite music and be the life & soul of the party with Splyce!

Connect Splyce to Philips(R) Hue lights, and experience how music and light effects can work together to make your experience even greater. Intensity and color will vary depending on the song BPM’s, synchronizing music & lights automagically.

Splyce will change your music experience:
◆ As your everyday music player: enjoy your favorite music in a better way
◆ Partying: take your parties to the next level with Splyce!
◆ Sports training: follow the rhythm of the music while training hard
◆ Liven up your business: from a shop to a restaurant or a gym, anyone can enjoy Splyce!

√ All music Player features
√ Automatic mixing
√ Pulselocker streaming service integration
√ BPM calculation of tracks
√ Playlist creation
√ Swipe right to auto order and left to delete a playlist song
√ Hold to order manually
√ Automatic order & music search by BPM
√ Profiles based on BPM
√ 3 mixing modes
√ 5 transition modes between songs
√ Default track duration
√ Set mixing duration
√ 8 different color themes
√ Beat synchronized light effects
√ Flash torch
√ Airplay integration
√ Purchase music on iTunes


√ Song artwork in lock screen
√ 3 new color themes
√ Philips(R) Hue lights support (bulbs sold separately)

√ Audio FX (echo, flanger, phaser and filter)
√ 4 new transitions between songs
√ BPM ordering of your music library

√ Splycelists
√ Smart length engine

√ Live the Splyce experience to the max and save some money with the full pack!

Download Splyce Premium

Pomodoro Timer

Normally $0.99.

Top 10 in productivity paid chart of China

The Pomodoro Technique is a great time management method, it can make you concentrate on work and keep away from procrastination

Pomodoro Timer is the best timer for Pomodoro Technique.
## Features:
** Reminder **
Tick: Quartz Chronograph sound immerses you in the task (off by default)
Vibration Reminder: When you do not want to disturb others, vibrating alert will be help
Ringtones Reminder: crisp tone reminded to complete and the rest remind and complete remind is different

**Focus length and rest length**
Pomodoro: You can customize, the default 25 minutes
Short break: You can customize, the default 5 minutes
Long break: You can customize, the default 15 minutes, after each four consecutive Pomodoro, there will be a long rest

**nice interface**
Tomato seeds on Focus Clock will vary according to how much time, during execute task tomato seeds will light up one by one
**Auto Focus**
Automatic start next Pomdooro after the completion of rest

** Daily goal **
Customize daily goal, let us marching to the target

** Report **
The total number of pomodoros & the total work time, pomodoro time distribution within a week, recent trend in the number of pomodoro

>> If you feel the product is good, please do not mean your valuable evaluation^_^, you can also recommend to your friends ~

Download Pomodoro Timer


Normally $0.99.

New application HitRadio – going beyond the standard player, listen to music with unlimited access.

– A wide range of radio stations.
– Access to radio stations from America, France, Britain, Russia, etc.
– Listen to music in the style of Hip-Hop, Trap, Rock, Alternative, Old School, Classical, Pop, Rap, Music from the movies, Country, Pop Rock.
– Add a radio station in “Favorites”, so they are always at hand.
– Built-in search will help you find any radio station.
– Tap on image to play radios and you will be surprised.
– The ability to listen to music background.
– Listen to music without Wi-Fi over 3G on the street.
– Add the widget in notification center and keep up with your favorite music.
– Shake your iPhone and it will select the station for you.

Application to work correctly, you need a stable internet connection.

Download НitRadio

Battle Riders

Normally $1.99.

Battle your way to first place in this amazing combat racing game! It offers adrenaline pumping, high-octane action and a lot of fun! No in-app purchases.

TOUCHARCADE – 9.0 – “Wreck And Roll Racing”
POCKETGAMER – 8.0 – “A compelling and satisfying post-apocalyptic arcade racer”
148APPS – 8.0 – “Battle Riders is a slick, well-made take on vehicular manslaughter”
APPSPY – 8.0 – “Battle Riders delivers aggressive, compelling races with explosive gunplay”
ARCADELIFE – 9.0 – “Full Speed Winner”

Win races and complete the career mode, which spans over 120 events, to unlock great cars, exciting tracks and fun challenges. The game features 3 racing tiers, with higher tiers enabling higher speed and better weapons.

Hit the tracks in 6 racing modes: Duel, Battle Race, Survival, Elimination, Clean Race and Time Trial.

Seven unique cars are available, specially built to sustain the challenges of combat racing. The performance and armor of each car can be upgraded to stand a better chance at winning events. Also, the cars can be visually customized with different paint jobs and colors.

Each car can be equipped with two weapons chosen from 5 different types: Machinegun, Missiles, Mines, EMP and Raygun. More powerful weapons are available on higher tiers.

Use your weapons to wreck the other cars and gain an important advantage. By wrecking opponents you also get credits that you can use to repair and upgrade the cars or buy different weapons.

Blast your way to greatness on 9 tracks across 3 different environments. Each track also features a reversed version, for a total of 18 tracks. You will find plenty of split sections, tight corners and surprising obstacles.

There are three types of powerups that can be found on the tracks: Ammo, Boost and Credits. To activate the weapons drive over an Ammo powerup, or choose to get ahead by driving over a Boost powerup. To get additional credits pick up Credits powerups.

By completing tiers you also unlock great challenge modes: Time Attack, Minefield and Barrels.

To drive the car and blast away the competition choose and adjust tilt control, arrows or on-screen joystick controls to best suit your preferences.

Unlock great achievements and compete for the first places on the Wrecks Leaderboard.

COMPATIBILITY: Universal, works on all devices starting with the iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch 3 (except the 8 GB version) and iPad 1.

Note: The game does not have multiplayer.

Download Battle Riders


Normally $2.99.

iArrow provides navigation where there are no roads. The app will show you the way back to your car, campsite or hotel and help you reach the nearest settlement if you get lost. This app features a built-in database of 2,000,000 localities around the world and does not require internet or cellular connection.

Unlike navigation systems that show a blank map, iArrow instantly launches and very clearly indicates the direction and distance to the destination. The app consumes little energy and saves battery power.

The app is useful for travelers, fishermen, hunters, including anyone who engages in recreation and works in the countryside. It is a reliable and easy navigation tool that fits perfectly in your hand.

With iArrow, you can quickly save the coordinates of attractions, objects and key points along your route, and share them in any convenient way (SMS, Email, Twitter, Airdrop, etc.). You will be able to enter and send coordinates in a variety of formats and import them from the clipboard.


● User Guide (Settings/?)
● Clear interface, uncompromising design
● You do not need an Internet connection *
● 2,000,000 settlements in the database
● Built-in online map
● Ability to search for objects by address
● Automatic detection of the address of the current position
● Indication of GPS accuracy
● Determination of direction using magnetic compass
● Determination of direction using GPS coordinates
● Radar mode that displays Favorites, History and settlements
● Displays full information about position, speed, altitude, etc.
● Lock screen
● Settings
● Metric and Imperial Units
● Low energy usage
● Support for iOS8 and iPhone 5/5s/6/6+


● Support for the DEG, DMS, UTM and MGRS coordinate formats
● Easy input of coordinates – special keyboards for each format
● Setting destination using azimuth and distance
● Changing coordinates format on the fly
● Viewing coordinates on an online map
● Sending and receiving coordinates via SMS
● Import and export coordinates via SMS, Email, and Airdrop
● Import and export list of coordinates
● Import and export links to Google, Apple, Yandex, and OSM maps
● Import coordinates from the clipboard
● Automatic determination of format of imported coordinates
● Easily add, delete, or edit coordinates
● Automatically save the coordinates in History
● Search in Favorites and History
● Sorting Favorites/History by new and nearest points
● List of nearby settlements

Download iArrow


Normally $0.99.

Top 100 Free Utilities in 43 Countries
Top 100 Paid Utilities in 15 Countries
Nov ,2009

Top 100 Paid Utilities in 17 Countries
Dec 2009

BatteryFull+(alarm) was the first application that introduced the alert feature when your battery is fully charged avoiding overcharing.Don’t Waste your time anymore looking at your iPhone till your battery is charged just wait to hear the alarm.Now with the Apple Watch app you can check your iPhone charging progress from your Watch. Cool ah?

How does it Work?

For iPhone Users
Plug in your device and turn on the BatteryFul App.Then Leave the app on and you will hear a sound when the battery is charged.From settings you can choose your own sound.

For Apple Watch Users
Plug in your device and turn on the BatteryFull App.Leave the app running in background.Now you can check your iPhone charging progress from your watch using the Apple Watch app or have quick access to those informations from glances. Finally enable notifications on your Apple Watch and you will receive notification when your phone is charged.

What customers said

“If you “love” your iPhone, this app is a must-have.” by Thai Tanic
“is highly recommended” fredericia iphone macho
“Exellent” by Nabil Ahmed
Exactly what was missing!!!

Download BatteryFull

Phofil Filter App

Normally $0.99.

Phofil, Create Your Unique Filters and Share Filtered Photos

Let’s improve this application together.

> Simple User Interface

> Editing Your Photos (Crop, Resize, Adjustments, Borders and More )

> Share Your Photos

> Save Your Unique Filters and Organize Them

> Multiple Boxes Photos (Random Filtered)

> Thousands of combinations with Adjustments Tools, Ready-Curves, Textures and some Borders.

Download Phofil Filter App

Video Audio Tool

Normally $1.99.

Really powerful audio tool which enables you to add, remove and extract audio with your video!

– Add my songs as background music
– Add iTunes song previews as background music
– Record and add narrations
– Add funny sound effects
– Adjust audio volume
– Change audio start time
– Trim audio play time

– Remove audio and make silent video

– Extract M4A audio from your video
– Extract WAVE audio from your video

Download Video Audio Tool


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