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Spotify might soon let you use AI to create personalized playlists

Published Dec 14th, 2023 4:14PM EST
Image: Spotify

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Anytime I talk to someone about which they prefer — Apple Music or Spotify — most people say Spotify, and for one specific reason. The most common answer I hear is that Spotify has much better playlists and music discovery than Apple Music.

Whether it be randomly assorted playlists like Your Favorite Coffeeshop (one of my personal favorites) or the personalized playlists created for you like Release Radar, Discover Weekly, or On Repeat, Spotify is known for having a plethora of playlists that deliver music that users love.

But what if you want to create your own playlist? The company does offer Blend, which mixes the musical tastes of two people and creates a shared playlist for both people to enjoy together, but there isn’t a way to automatically create a personalized playlist for yourself — that’s still a manual process…or is it?

Spotify Wrapped 2023Image source: Spotify

Spotted by @Robdad on TikTok, it appears that Spotify is working on a new feature called “AI Playlist” that will let users create their own personalized playlists using artificial intelligence. In the video, there is a new option when creating a playlist called “AI Playlist.” Tapping on that option will take users to a screen where they are met with some suggested prompts but can also choose to write their own prompt.

In the video, the user told Spotify to “explore a nice genre like Witch House.” I have no idea what Witch House music is, but Spotify ran with it and served up a full-on playlist. Happy listening, With House fans. You can watch it in action below:


Since when did they have this update on spotify. Now they got chatGPT making our playlists… also wtf is Which House Exploration😭😭 #spotify #update #ai

♬ Heavy Metal Lover overlapped – jinxknsaudios

Spotify hasn’t formally announced AI Playlists as a feature yet, so this is definitely in the testing phase. It’s also possible that the company could decide to kill the feature and never see the light of day. However, since AI is taking off across all products right now, this is one that would not be surprising to show up one day in a blog post from the company.

The company already uses artificial intelligence anyway. Spotify’s playlists use machine learning to assemble and switch in/out music. There’s also Spotify’s AI DJ feature, which uses artificial intelligence to serve up a personalized radio station of tracks its AI personality thinks you’ll love.

The leak comes a couple of weeks after the company released its Spotify Wrapped for 2023. Apple Music’s Replay for 2023 (basically a copy of Spotify Wrapped) is also now available.

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