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Moon Knight episode 2 answers a big question and you probably missed it

Published Apr 7th, 2022 3:12PM EDT
Moon Knight is coming to Disney Plus in March.
Image: MARZ VFX/Marvel

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Moon Knight episode 2 is now streaming on Disney Plus, ready to deliver additional pieces of information about this mysterious new MCU character. Unlike Marvel’s previous MCU shows, Moon Knight focuses on a brand new character, so we’re curious to see how he might be linked to the Avengers and the events in Infinity War and Endgame.

Before the show’s premiere, Marvel teased that Moon Knight will not feature significant MCU Easter eggs, and that’s evident after two episodes. This show feels like a standalone adventure that doesn’t need many ties to the Avengers. However, Moon Knight will need at least some sort of tie into the larger MCU, no matter how minimal it might be.

We’ve already started uncovering the timeline, with episode 2 providing a big clue about Moon Knight in relation to other events in recent history. The episode also includes a hint about whether Moon Knight survived the snap at the end of Infinity War. Before we explain, you should know that big spoilers follow below.

Why Avengers: Infinity War is so important for the MCU

We’re in MCU Phase 4 right now, after the epic Infinity WarEndgame conclusion to the Infinity Saga. Therefore, we’re in the early years of the next big saga that will hopefully build up to a similarly exciting finale.

While Marvel wants us to move on from Infinity War and Endgame, we can’t just ignore what happened. Half of all living beings disappeared at the end of Infinity War. Then, five years later, they returned just as suddenly as they perished.

Marvel can’t just ignore those events, and we already saw the MCU writers handle the past in the TV shows that preceded Moon Knight. For example, WandaVision has an epic scene showing how Monica Rambeau (Teyonah Parris) experienced the blip. A similar version of the scene plays out in Hawkeye where we learn how Yelena (Florence Pugh) experienced the blip.

It felt like a few seconds had passed for the people who died in Infinity War and were resurrected in Endgame. Therefore, with each new MCU adventure, we can’t help but wonder what happened with the protagonists during Infinity War and Endgame. Moon Knight is no different.

Moon Knight in front of a bus featuring the GRC MCU Easter egg
Moon Knight (Oscar Isaac) in front of a bus featuring the GRC MCU Easter egg. Image source: Marvel Studios

The MCU timeline

Marvel’s claims that Moon Knight has almost no ties to the Avengers are enough to lower your expectations for Easter eggs. You don’t have to know what Marc Spector or Steven Grant (both played by Oscar Isaac) did in Infinity War or Endgame. Because Marvel hinted that it won’t tell you.

Factor in the dissociative identity disorder that Moon Knight suffers from and Isaac’s comment that you’ll need to watch the show multiple times to understand what’s real, and MCU reality is no longer that relevant.

That said, we have started uncovering clues about the MCU timeline in Moon Knight and the character’s possible relationship to the events in Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame.

First of all, we know that Steven owns a 2018 Galaxy S9 phone. That means the action happens as early as March 2018 when the phone was first released. As a reminder, the Infinity War snap takes place in late May 2018.

Moon Knight Super Bowl Trailer
Oscar Isaac plays various characters in Moon Knight. Image source: Marvel Studios

But episode 2 tells us that the GRC exists. That’s the global organization that handles the problems created by the blip in Endgame. Therefore, the action in Moon Knight must take place in 2023 or later. It also means that Steven has been using that phone for more than five years.

This brings us to the next big Moon Knight revelation in episode 2, which ties directly into the events of Infinity War and Endgame.

Assuming what’s happening so far is real, we’re now wondering whether Moon Knight was blipped away in Infinity War along with billions of other people. And the answer seems to be that Marc survived.

You’ve probably noticed I just switched from referring to Moon Knight as Marc instead of Steven.

Was Moon Knight blipped in Infinity War?

While it wasn’t clear in episode 1 who the main personality residing in this body is, we now have reason to believe that Marc is the main identity.

It’s all thanks to Steven’s discovery of Marc’s storage room. He finds Marc Spector’s passport next to piles of money and a gun. It’s clear to Steven that this Marc guy is a highly trained operative of some sort.

The passport is of significance here, and that’s because of the issuance date on it. It reads December 14th, 2018.

Again, we’ll point out that none of this might be real. A spy/mercenary like Marc might have a fake passport. But let’s remember that Layla (May Calamawy) was married to Marc. She has divorce papers on hand for him to sign. Also, the cops who kidnap Steven to bring to Arthur (Ethan Hawke) confirm Marc’s identity — and that he is a fugitive.

Marc's passport appears in Moon Knight episode 2
Marc’s passport appears in Moon Knight episode 2. Image source: Marvel

Therefore, the passport seems to be genuine. That means Marc was alive several months after everything that happened in Infinity War.

It’s unclear whether he was already operating as Moon Knight when the Avengers were fighting Thanos (Josh Brolin). But it certainly seems like Marc Spector was alive in the five years between Infinity War and Endgame.

Naturally, we expect more small clues like the passport and the GRC ad in upcoming episodes. The next Moon Knight installment hits Disney Plus on Wednesday, April 13th.

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