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Jimmy Kimmel pranked a bunch of people and made them think the old iPhone 4 is the iPhone X

November 8th, 2017 at 4:00 PM
iPhone X vs. iPhone 4

The iPhone X is finally out, which means it’s time for another hilarious Jimmy Kimmel prank where unsuspecting passersby are duped into thinking an older iPhone is the latest Apple creation. For this video, Kimmel’s crew chose the iPhone 4, a 7-year old device that was the first iPhone to use front and back glass panels, just like this year’s iPhone 8 and iPhone X. The results were obviously hilarious.

The almost three-minute long video proves yet again that people will believe anything a person with a camera and a microphone tells them. It also goes to show that not everybody out there is as tech savvy as you might think, and some people hardly follow tech news at all. But people do know what Apple is, and they certainly know the iPhone. So don’t be surprised to hear only positive remarks about the device they think is the iPhone X.

Other than the fact that they both run iOS, there’s nothing similar between the iPhone 4 and the iPhone X. The old model is thicker and a lot smaller than the iPhone X. It has a home button, top and bottom bezels, and a regular camera on the back. However, most people interviewed in the video below couldn’t tell the difference between the iPhone 4 and iPhone X, though some of them did realize that it was smaller than Apple’s other recent iPhone models.

The full Kimmel segment follows below:

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