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‘Drive’ would be very different if Ryan Gosling was an Uber driver

May 19th, 2016 at 5:30 PM
Drive 2: The Uber Years

Drive is a great thriller movie with just the right amount of leather gloves and sex for a criminals. But what if Ryan Gosling were an Uber driver rather than a getaway artist for thieves?

That’s what this trailer for Drive 2: The Uber Years tries to explore. It’s made by Joey Thompson, a YouTuber with a surprisingly strong resemblance to Ryan Gosling. He does a stellar job of making fun of LA, Drive and vapers in the one four-minute trailer.

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It also does a good job of lampooning Uber and the “gig economy” — working crazy hours at weird times, putting up with the weirdest requests, all for pretty awful pay.

If you think the opening lines sound familiar, that’s because it perfectly rips off the real intro to Drive: 

“This kid is the best driver in all of L.A. You set a pickup location, he’ll find you. Once he arrives, you have a five-minute window. He doesn’t carry a gun, he just drives,”

The full video is below, and it’s a highly recommended use of four minutes of your life.

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