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Deadpool 3 leak hints at how Deadpool will handle Wolverine

Published Apr 8th, 2024 6:51PM EDT
Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) in Deadpool & Wolverine trailer 1.

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We still have over three months to go until Deadpool & Wolverine hits theaters and probably several more weeks until Marvel shares a new trailer for the highly anticipated MCU movie. Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) and Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) are about to join the MCU, something we could only dream of until some five years ago when Disney purchased Fox.

What’s also interesting about this particular Multiverse Saga adventure is that the film’s plot hasn’t been leaked in full. That was the norm with all the other films in the current saga. Some Deadpool 3 plot points did leak, but Marvel has already covered most of them in the first teaser trailer.

We know the overall idea: The TVA recruits Deadpool for some type of dangerous mission, just like they recruited Loki (Tom Hiddleston) in the Disney+ show carrying his name. And we know that Deadpool will need Wolverine to get the job done.

Also, since these two mutants will appear together again (or for the first time, depending on how we look at Fox’s X-Men movies), they will surely fight. It will likely happen more than once, and the first Deadpool & Wolverine trailer has already hinted at that.

That’s where a brand-new leak will come in handy. While it won’t spoil the Deadpool 3 plot, it sure is a spoiler. If you don’t want Deadpool and Wolverine spoilers, you’ll want to avoid what follows.

The Deadpool 3 set photos and videos that leaked last year gave us a look at the new Deadpool and Wolverine suits well before Marvel did. Well, the first trailer doesn’t even show Wolverine fully. The same leaks also gave us a look at the two characters fighting it out in the Voice. I said at the time that the Void confirms the TVA involvement, something the first trailer concludes.

But how do you have these two fight a fair fight? We don’t expect either to kill the other one because they can’t really die. Or, given their specific set of skills and weapons, it’s incredibly hard for either one to kill the other.

However, there’s no denying that Wolverine has a huge advantage over Deadpool. Wade’s regular katanas are no match for Logan’s adamantium claws, and shooting his guns at a charging Wolverine will do little to stop him.

Yes, Deadpool needs an upgrade, and it looks like the TVA will provide that help to make it a more even fight. That’s what a Marvel insider who goes by the name CanWeGetSomeToast said on X.

Apparently, the TVA tailor gives Deadpool a new set of adamantium katanas. Of course, this spoiler can’t be confirmed right now, but it certainly makes sense. We want to see these two go at it and feel like either party would win.

The Deadpool 3 plot detail is also exciting for another reason. Those Marvel fans who have been following Multiverse Saga leaks as closely as I know that TVA is said to play a major role in the upcoming Avengers movie.

Since this is Loki’s TVA, it should help the Avengers fight against Kang. That will involve recruiting heroes from all over the multiverse to join Earth-616’s Avengers in time for Secret Wars. It’s what rumors say, at least.

The new Deadpool 3 leak indicates it could provide all sorts of exciting additional support, like giving Deadpool the kind of weapons that would help him battle (and recruit?) Wolverine.

On that note, we expect to see different Deadpool and Wolverine variants in the movie. The Deadpool we love will eventually recruit the Wolverine we love. But he might need those adamantium katanas when dealing with the other Wolverines in his path. I am just speculating, of course.

Finally, I’ll point out one more thing about adamantium. It’s already on Earth, according to leaks. It’ll pop up in Captain America: Brave New World and/or Thunderbolts. After all, the MCU’s main reality will have to get its own mutants, which might happen right after Avengers: Secret Wars.

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