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Nintendo exec promises surprises for Nintendo Switch’s next Zelda game

breath of the wild zelda timeline

The hot new Nintendo Switch is still impossible to find in any stores across the country. In fact, it’s also impossible to find online unless you’re willing to pay a small premium to get one on Amazon. If you happen to be one of the select few who have managed to get your hands on a Switch, however, then you know how amazing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is. It truly is an open world masterpiece, and most gamers seem to agree that it’s far and away the best game so far in the storied Zelda franchise.

Well, we have some good news for you today, Zelda fans: Nintendo is already planning an even better new Zelda game that will be released in the future.

The map in Breath of the Wild is so much bigger than any prior Zelda game that it’s difficult to even draw comparisons. And with a map that big alongside the new power and form factor afforded by Nintendo’s Switch, it stands to reason that there would be some pleasant surprises in the game. According to one Nintendo executive who is certainly in a position to know, Nintendo isn’t done surprising Zelda fans.

Eiji Aonuma is the head of the team that creates Zelda games at Nintendo, and he recently sat down and gave an interview to Nikkei. Among the topics of discussion was the inevitable sequel to Nintendo’s current smash hit Zelda game, and Aonuma had some interesting things to say.

Here’s the excerpt in question:

First of all I think the point that ‘this is a Zelda’ is big. It’s a series that has been continuing for a long time, if I am to put it in words then perhaps everyone would have thought it’s not that simple to do a ‘reform’.

Furthermore, that reform causes a ‘surprise’ to all our users who have played Zelda until now, since it exceeds their imaginations by a bit, and I think perhaps that’s why they, including the media, have welcomed it with the ‘zeal’.

It’s not an easy thing to be able to answer expectations of all our users, but through this game, I recognised again that the significance of continuing to create the series is right there, so in the future I’d like to repeat doing “great fusses*” and provide ‘surprises’ that exceed everyone’s expectations.

The text has been translated from its original Japanese, but it’s clear that Nintendo is already focused on the followup to Breath of the Wild. The company seems well aware that the next Zelda game will have some big shoes to fill, and Aonuma seems confident that his team has some fun surprises in store.

Zach Epstein

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