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AT&T did something nice for a change

AT&T Internet Cap

I see you reaching for your calendar, but it’s true: this is not April 1st, and the story is not a joke. A large internet service provider in the USA voluntarily did something that benefits its customers and (temporarily) hurts its bottom line.

Starting on August 21st, AT&T will be increasing the data cap for home internet users on U-Verse and GigaPower plans. I have not yet found the catch, but I’m still looking.

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The cap for U-Verse customers with speeds under 300Mbps is increasing to 1TB, up from 600GB in most cases. That’s a genuinely useful and unwarranted raise, and should see the majority of heavy users never go over.

It’s worth remembering that although this is an increased (and generally sufficient) cap, data caps should never be celebrated. Contrary to what ISPs might say in press releases, they do very little to speed up the internet, and generally just end up netting the ISPs more money. Not to mention, there’s hundreds of cases of customers getting mis-charged for data they didn’t use.

In any case, if you’re one of the lucky customers to get upgraded, AT&T will notify you (or may have done so already).