Tesla has captured our imagination (if not our practicality) with the world’s first all-electric SUV, the Model X. But it looks like Mercedes, king of glitzy SUVs for people who like to stay on-road, isn’t going to take it lying down.

According to a report from Autocar, Mercedes will be showing off an all-electric SUV at the Paris Motor Show in September.

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The SUV will be the first in a more comprehensive line-up of electric vehicles, which will change the focus of Mercedes going forwards. Currently, the company only has tiny electric Smart cars and a B-Class. But down the line, starting with the new all-electric SUV and working forwards, there will be a competitive fleet of electric vehicles for consumers to choose from.

The focus on electric could see Mercedes making one other interesting move. The company currently sponsors a very competitive Formula One team, so it’s perfectly poised to enter the Formula E all-electric series. Speaking to Autocar, Mercedes marketing boss Ola Källenius said “It provides an interesting platform for electric vehicles though it would be important for us to ensure there is a clear technology transfer to our road cars.”

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