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3 of the most successful US tech companies to work at right now

Published Jul 11th, 2024 8:00AM EDT
Nvidia logo on a sign.
Image: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

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By Amanda Kavanagh

It’s been a buzzy year for Big Tech in America. 

As the ongoing AI boom continues, large organizations are hurtling towards valuations and revenues that would’ve seemed impossible just a few short years ago. 

Nvidia, Microsoft, and Apple have all surpassed the $3 trillion market capitalization mark, and Google and Amazon are following close behind in the $2 trillion range.

The former trio are predicted to reach €4 trillion soon, likely in that order, and are considered hot tickets as places to work. Let’s take a closer look. 


Nvidia became the third American corporation to reach a market valuation of £2 trillion earlier this year, behind Microsoft, and Apple. And then just 100 days later, hit a $3 trillion market capitalization.

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And it’s not just hot air either, both revenues and earnings are there too. In the quarter that concluded in April, Nvidia brought in a record $26 billion in sales and $14.8 billion in net income.

Comparatively, the company’s revenues for the same quarter in 2021 were $5.8 billion, with a $1.9 billion net income. 

The driving force behind Nvidia’s meteoric rise is its GPUs, with no credible competition currently in sight.

Experts suggest that this dominance could last for years, providing a stable and lucrative environment for employees, at least in the short-term. 

Alongside commanding high-salaries, employees at Nvidia have reaped the benefits of the company’s success, with reports of employees retiring due to stock options being worth millions.

As Nvidia remains at the helm of AI innovation, for professionals looking to make a significant industry impact, it’s a solid place to be.


Founded in the seventies by Bill Gates and Paul Allen, it’s been a much slower burn to $3 trillion market capitalization for industry titan Microsoft. 

However, large gains in recent times have come through its investments in OpenAI, and its booming cloud business, anchored by Azure. 

Its offering is diverse and many of its products and services operate on monthly renewal models for businesses of all sizes, and this makes it a more sustainable option for those seeking some stability too.


Apple is heavily reliant on consumer loyalty. Though the company boasts 2.2 billion iOS devices in active use –  testament to its strong customer base – the company’s financial health is closely tied to its ability to entice consumers to upgrade to its latest offerings, particularly the iPhone.

While the rumor mill abounds around the iPhone 16, slated for release this fall, it’s still uncertain how much it will cost. With a shortage of chips ongoing, an elevated price is expected, and this may boost Apple’s profits. 

Improved battery life, a better camera, and faster performance and charging are all mooted as improvements, as is further integration with Apple’s ecosystem of services. 

Once you’re bought into its services, like cloud back-up, the effort of leaving for Android is too much admin for many, however, constantly upgrading to brand-new hardware is less and less appealing to environmentally-conscious consumers, so this strategy seems fraught. 

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That said, working at Apple means contributing to products that have a significant impact on millions of lives worldwide, and can be a real career-maker due to its focus on quality, design and innovation.

For those seeking to be at the forefront of technological advancements and be part of organizations that shape the future, companies like Nvidia, Microsoft, and Apple provide compelling cases.

And though financially, these may be the top three, there are hundreds of companies doing innovative work, offering strong salaries and benefits, and crucially, are hiring right now.  

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