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Joshua Hawkins

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Joshua Hawkins fell in love with writing and technology at a young age. Eventually he decided to combine the two and started writing about video games, the latest tech, and all the cool gadgets he could find. Whenever he isn’t busy writing about tech or gadgets, he can usually be found enjoying a new world in a video game, or tinkering with something on his computer.

hunters moon uranus

If you had to name a probe for Uranus, what would you call it?

September 14th, 2022

Uranus always seems to be the butt of the joke, but this icy planet is actually one that scientists hope to dive deeper into in the future. In fact, many are already pushing for more missions to probe Uranus and learn more about the planet. That’s why some folks, like the people behind Twitter account …

mangrove trees

Scientists just issued a shockingly bleak ‘warning to humanity’

September 13th, 2022

Scientists say that Earth’s trees are facing an unprecedented level of extinction and humanity should be worried. The state of our world’s trees has been an ongoing issue for decades now. But, that issue seems to be getting worse, and now we’re facing a massive extinction level issue that could threaten entire ecosystems.

alien world orbiting star

Astronomers just discovered a planet that might be able to support life

September 12th, 2022

Astronomers have discovered what may be an inhabitable exoplanet. The planet was discovered earlier this year, roughly 100 light-years from Earth. The planet, which scientists believe could support life, is located within the habitable zone of its start. This zone, which can be found around every star, determines whether liquid water can exist on the …