With Black Friday just about a week away, the influx of incredible deals shows no sign of dying down anytime soon. With retailers continuing to jockey for consumer attention, we’re starting to see outlets like Best Buy serve up deals on consumer electronics products that only recently began appearing on store shelves.

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Case in point – a new Black Friday ad from Best Buy reveals that the nationwide retailer will be selling the recently released Google Home for just $99, offering users a solid $30 off of the base price of $129. And though not exclusive to purchases made at Best Buy, it’s worth noting that new Google Home owners are also entitled to a free 6 month trial of YouTube Red, Google’s ad-free YouTube experience.

Originally introduced this past May, Google Home is effectively the search giant’s response to the Amazon Echo. Much like the Echo, Google Home, which is powered by Google Assistant, can handle all sorts of queries and can also control a number of gadgets under the Alphabet umbrella, including Chromecast, Google Nest and more.