The battle for music streaming supremacy hasn’t been decided just yet, but it’s increasingly starting to look like Spotify and Apple Music will be the two services angling for the top spot. While Spotify still has many more paid subscribers relative to Apple Music, Apple’s streaming service is growing at an impressive clip. The most recent data we have indicates that Apple Music already boasts more than 13 million paid subscribers, a pretty impressive feat for a service that was initially plagued with usability problems at launch. Spotify meanwhile has 30 million paid subscribers.

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In Spotify’s latest effort to keep subscribers from jumping ship for Apple Music, the streaming pioneer earlier today upgraded its family plan to more closely mirror what Apple offers users. Specifically, Spotify’s family plan now allows upwards of 6 family members to take advantage of a $14.99/month family plan. While monthly pricing between the two services has always been more or less the same, Apple’s family plan had long provided a little bit more bang for the buck. When Apple Music first launched, Spotify’s family plan only supported up to two individuals. With Spotify’s most recent update, the two services are once again on a level playing field.

As for any Spotify subscribers currently on a family plan, the Swedish-based company said that those users will automatically be enrolled in the new plan. You can read more about Spotify’s family plan over here on the company’s website.