Wait, there are sea turtles that glow? Yes there are, provided you shine blue light on them. National Geographic has posted an exclusive video that for the first time shows a sea turtle the exhibits biofluorescence, which is the property where underwater plants and animals absorb blue light and then re-emit it as different colors, most prominently red and green.

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National Geographic says that this is the first time bioflourescence has been observed in a reptile before and this particular sea turtle is sadly gravely endangered. The turtle’s bioflourescence was discovered by marine biologist David Gruber of the City University of New York, who was on an expedition to film bioflourescence in sharks and coral reefs at the time. When he saw a large glowing disc that looks like a flying saucer, he quickly realized that this was his first time ever seeing a turtle that could glow like this.

To check out the full National Geographic video of this remarkable turtle, click here.