In case you haven’t noticed, Apple kind of has a thing for gold these days. As a matter of fact, Apple loves gold so much that it sells several of its latest products in not one but two different gold tones. Beyond the Apple Watch and iPhone 6s duo, which are available in yellow gold and rose gold, Apple also sells a gold MacBook and several different gold iPads.

So why isn’t there a gold Apple TV?

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Graphic designer Martin Hajek always plays around with Apple’s designs, and his latest creation sets its sights on the all new Apple TV. Apparently even Hajek didn’t think the new box would look good in gold, but he did decide to put together a two-tone setup that pairs a silver aluminum Apple TV box with a new Apple TV remote that has a silver top and a rose gold back.

It sounds awful, but it actually looks pretty awesome.

A few images of the silver and rose gold Apple TV can be seen below, and the rest are available on Hajek’s site, which is linked down in our source section.