As more unofficial information about Google’s rumored 2015 Nexus devices hits the web, designers are imagining what the next Nexus handset might look like. That’s exactly what one Reddit user did with the new LG Nexus 5, creating a series of images based on previous 3D renders  and recently leaked information.

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Using a Nexus 5 (2015) render from Jermaine Smit, Shadesta9 focused on one particular detail about the Nexus 5, the front-facing speakers. “We know it has front-facing speakers but not what sort,” the Reddit user said in a post, offering Nexus fans three different Nexus 5 concepts that use front-facing speakers similar to what some Motorola, HTC and Sony Android devices.

Motorola-style Nexus 5

HTC-style Nexus 5

Sony Z4 / Nexus 9 style Nexus 5

The images also take into account the size of the phone’s display, and the leaked measurements for the handset.