Back to school sales start earlier and earlier each year, but they always have two things in common. First, they serve as bitter reminders that summer is coming to an end and a new semester will soon coma along to ruin it. Second, they all offer deals that are generally pretty “meh.”
Well, here’s a deal for you that is anything but dull: 6 months of free Amazon Prime service, and then a 50% discount thereafter.

If you’re a student, Amazon wants to make Prime as accessible to you as possible. And it doesn’t get much more accessible than free.

There’s an important caveat though: during the free six-month trial period, you won’t have access to Amazon’s video-streaming service. If you keep Prime after the free trial period though, you’ll get a 50% discount off of Prime’s regular $99 annual fee, and then you’ll get access to the entire suite of Prime services.

Get 6 free months of Amazon Prime