New Yorkers, behold your brand new burger bucket list.

It doesn’t take a foodie to appreciate a good hamburger, and just about every meat-eater out there can attest to the transformative experience that only the best burgers in the business can provide. But how can you find the best burgers out there? Taste is subjective, of course, but taking advice from experts is probably a good idea if you’re on the hunt for a mouth-watering burger that’s a cut above the rest.

And if you live in New York City or the surrounding area, or if you plan to visit sometime soon, you’ll definitely want to pay attention to what Andrew Steinthal and Chris Stang have to say.

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Steinthal and Stang both work in the music industry but they also run the food blog The Infatuation, which has become a relatively well-known authority in some circles. They’ve tried every single buzzworthy burger at every notable New York City-area restaurant, and Business Insider got them to list their 15 favorites.

Here are five of the duo’s picks, in no particular order:

The Emmy Burger at Emily

Yelp/ Lori L.

The Cheeseburger at Bowery Meat Company

Yelp/Joey D.

The Royale Burger at Royale

Yelp/Lita W.

The Cheeseburger at The Burger Joint

The Cheeseburger at The Burger Joint

The Peaches Double Cheeseburger at Peaches Hothouse

Facebook/Peaches HotHouse

Want to check out the rest of the list? Follow the link below in our source section.

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