It’s an indisputable fact that the 2007 introduction of Apple’s iPhone helped spearhead a smartphone revolution. Whereas smartphones used to be expensive gadgets primarily designed for and used by business executives and tech enthusiasts, the iPhone was the first device to deliver advanced features that mainstream users could easily take advantage of and enjoy.

With a substantial technical head start, the iPhone was for some time the best smartphone on the market. But as time passed, companies like HTC and Samsung picked up their game considerably. And in the midst of this battle for smartphone supremacy,  Microsoft threw their hat into the ring while we were simultaneously treated to a seemingly endless stream of devices intent on dethroning the iPhone, from the BlackBerry Storm to the beloved but ultimately unsuccessful Palm Pre.

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The video below, elegantly put together by CNET, brilliantly captures the evolution of smartphone design over the past 8 years. Not only is it interesting to see how the original iPhone became the de facto blueprint for all modern day smartphones, the video also provides a nostalgic look back at how quickly the smartphone market moved and continues to move with each passing year.

No matter which smartphones you may have owned over the last years, there’s a good chance you’ll see it below.