It’s summer, which means it’s wedding season. You or your friends have probably already attended or are invited to at least one wedding. There’s going to be crying, there’s going to be strange dance moves, there’s going to be booze and cake. There’s also going to be wedding toasts from best men and women. Some will be funny, some will be awkward. But most of them will have a hard time beating the wedding toast you’re about to see in the following video.

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Caitlin Hallerman is a just-married woman who happens to have two incredibly creative and bold sisters. Kelsey and Maddie took the spotlight at their sister’s wedding to give their own toast. And instead of the regular speech about love and marriage that you expect to see, they did something entirely different: they sang for five minutes straight.

The sisters chose a variety of well known songs, and changed the lyrics to be about Caitlin. You’ll recognize Tracey Chapman’s Give Me One Reason, Jackson 5’s I Want You Back, Backstreet Boys’ Everybody, Michael Jackson’s Black or White and gospel hymn O Happy Day in the clip. And the result is hilarious, so see it right now – unless you’re at a wedding right now, in which case you should really turn your smartphone off.

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