Microsoft this year will launch its biggest Surface devices yet, offering users access to TV-sized Windows gadgets, a new report reveals. Obviously, these aren’t your regular Surface-branded tablet/laptop combo. Instead, we’re looking at the Surface Hub Windows-based TV-like gadgets the company demoed at previous press events.

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According to Geek, Microsoft later this year will launch 55-inch and 84-inch Surface Hub models, which will be sold mainly to businesses. A Surface Hub will run Windows 10, and essentially work just like a Surface Pro tablet. However, these devices are conceived for team work-related purposes at the office, and are supposed to help companies increase productivity.

Each Surface Hub comes with multitouch support for 100 touch points and two styluses. Each pen has its own doc that’ll recharge the device while not in use. Other features include dual camera support, and NFC connectivity, that’ll likely let users easily beam documents from other devices to the Surface Hub.

Pricing details for these first Surface hub models have not been revealed yet, but Geek notes that they’re not likely to be affordable to regular customers. Comparatively, the 57-inch InFocus BigTouch sells for $5,000, the online publication says, while a 70-inch model costs $3,000 more.

Microsoft says on its website that the Surface Hub is coming this year, inviting users interested in these huge Windows devices to sign up for more information.