Grand Theft Auto 5 has been out on PC for a week now, and despite a few technical hiccups during the first few days, the critical and commercial reaction has been outstanding. Rockstar Games is getting an unprecedented amount of mileage out of GTA 5, but do you really need a second, or possibly third copy of the game?

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In a recent graphics comparison video, YouTube user wiliextreme makes a strong case for the PC port by showing off just how incredible the game can look at the highest possible settings.

Among the most impressive comparisons are the texture quality, the amount of foliage on screen, the ability of reflective surfaces to accurately reflect their surroundings and distance scaling, which brings San Andreas to life in a way that wouldn’t be feasible on current generation consoles.

To see just how much work went into the visuals for the PC version of GTA 5, watch wiliextreme’s graphics comparison video below.