Remember when the iPhone first came out and didn’t include support for third-party apps? Thankfully that changed in the summer of 2008, and while Apple was hardly the first smartphone maker to support third-party apps and games, it completely changed the mobile device landscape when it did so by way of a simple on-device portal. Today, the App Store is home to more than 1.36 million apps and games, and hundreds more are approved each day.

Turning our attention to games, we’ve seen some real gems come and go over the past six-plus years. But of the thousands upon thousands of games that have hit the app store, which ones can be considered the absolute best?

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FindTheBest recently sought to answer that question, and it put together a list of the 35 best iOS games ever using three key criteria.

First, the site considered only games that are completely optimized for the iPhone and iPad. Next, the site considered influence — after all, the best games tend to rack up tremendous download numbers and spawn plenty of copycats.

Lastly, the site only considered games that are respectful of the player. Popular games like Clash of Clans can be fun to play, but the constant barrage of money-grubbing pop ups is beyond annoying.

So where does that leave us? FindTheBest’s list is packed full of fun, popular games like Dots, The Room and Where’s My Water. Newer games like Trivia Crack and Monument Valley also made the cut.

What’s the No. 1 best iOS game of all time? You’ll have to hit the source link to find out, though we will happily provide a small spoiler and confirm that it’s not Flappy Bird.