Tennis legend Novak Djokovic has stared down Federer and Nadal… but he’s never faced a foe quite as fearsome as this. YouTube user timtimfed has created a hilarious video in which a digital Vietnam-era M1 Abrams tank is edited in with footage of Djokovic playing a match at the Australian Open. The result shows that Djokovic is more than capable of beating the tank at tennis, although that still doesn’t stop the tank from being a sore loser and blowing him up at the end.

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In the virtual tank’s defense, it does do a lot better than you’d expect from a 60-ton piece of machinery although it could definitely use some work on its backhand. As the announcers in the video note, tanks are “not traditionally designed to play tennis,” so the fact that the Abrams got any volley going at all is an achievement in itself.

Check out the whole video below.