Some iPhone 6 owners have discovered a strange bug related to using Apple Pay after a phone restore, as detailed in a new forum thread on Apple’s Support Communities website. Apparently, users have found that adding the same credit cards they have already used with Apple Pay after restoring the phone, either as a new phone or from a backup, isn’t possible.

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Initially, affected users were not able to fix the issue by themselves taking the devices to Apple where support staff offered them replacement phones, including refurbished and/or new devices, while they diagnosed the problem. But it appears Apple has quietly fixed the issue since it was initially spotted in mid-December, as one user has revealed.

“I just tried to add a card to Apple pay and it worked,” user Roshanalex on Wednesday wrote. “Seems like Apple fixed the issue. So I recommend you all to try to add a card to your passbook and see if it’s working. I refused to get a replacement for my device with a refurbished phone because I strongly believed that it’s an issue with Apple not my device. Finally they fixed it. Everybody try adding a card and let me know.”

The thread in question currently has 78 replies and more than 4,000 views.