GoPro’s line of action cameras have allowed people to capture fantastic high-definition footage of things that would have been impossible to record even a few short years ago. Sometimes GoPro cameras give us a unique perspective on something fascinating, and sometimes the cameras deliver us an up close and personal look at something terrifying.

We recently shared an awesome GoPro video of a crazy shark encounter, and now a new video has been published that shows a GoPro and a pair of lions getting too close for comfort.

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Lions are beautiful, majestic beasts that are fascinating to observe, but you never, ever want to get this close to a lion:


Thanks to GoPro’s action camera, of course, we can now see what it’s like to run with these giant cats without having to fear an imminent mauling.

GoPro on Thursday published a new video that shows a curious lion approaching a camera that has been left on the ground in the desert. Then, the best possible outcome is actually realized: The lion takes the GoPro in its mouth, facing outward, and goes for a walk.

This amazing video gives us a perspective that would have been impossible to achieve without a GoPro, and you can watch all the action in the video embedded below.