One need only take a quick glance at Reddit on any given day to see how important the topic of Internet privacy is to people around the world. Hackers are lurking around every corner, and advertising companies like Google and Facebook look to collect as much personal data as possible so they can convince their clients that they target ads better than any other service.

More than any other time in the past, it’s now more important than ever that we know what steps must be taken in order to protect our privacy while browsing the Web.

DON’T MISS: Proof Apple knows the ‘Bendgate’ problem is much more serious than it publicly admitted has become known for creating infographics that are actually informative and useful, which has become rare these days. Recent examples include “How to disappear online,” “How to craft the perfect password” and “How to find the Invisible Internet.”

Now, the firm is back with another great graphic.

This time around, is tackling online anonymity, which is more difficult to achieve than you might think. Simply checking a box in your browser to enable a “private browsing” session is hardly enough — here’s everything you need to know: