Back in June, a report claimed that Android 5.0/Android L would be given the name “Lollipop,” which may be confirmed thanks to a screenshot leaked by a Google developer in the Chromium issue tracker.

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A Google developer in Chromium snapped a lollipop-shaped debugging icon and managed to take a screenshot before it was taken down.

If you don’t know where to look, Droid-Life made it easier for you.

The new OS has also been rumored to be called” Licorice,” although that might have been simply trolling on Google+ by the designer of the Google’s giant Android statues.

It was also rumored that the new OS might be called “Lemon Meringue Pie” because developers nicknamed the new Android OS “LMP.” It appears both of these names may have been misdirections and that “Lollipop” may be the official name for the new Android OS.

Take a look at the full leaked picture below:

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