We still don’t know when the Apple Watch will launch or exactly how third-party apps will work on the device, but that won’t stop eager graphic designers from attempting to show us just how gorgeous third-party apps might be on Apple’s first wearable computer. Mobile app design house Thinkapps recently decided to have a few of its talented designers dream up visualizations of some of the world’s most popular third-party apps and slap them on mockups of the Apple Watch. The result, as you might expect, is a set of images that might make Apple fans hungrier than ever for Apple’s upcoming smartwatch.

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Though millions of people seem to hate the fact that they have been forced to use it, Facebook Messenger is definitely one of the world’s most popular apps. How might it translate to a tiny Apple Watch screen? Here’s a look:

unity_thinkapps_messenger-1Image Source: Thinkapps

Here’s popular streaming music service Spotify:

sprawsm_thinkapps_spotifyImage Source: Thinkapps

…and far less popular streaming music service Beats:

unity_thinkapps_beatsImage Source: Thinkapps

Microsoft’s Skype is still one of the most popular ways to communicate online, and an Apple Watch app like this could make the service even more popular:

touchart_thinkapps_skypeImage Source: Thinkapps

Here’s how great Twitter might be on your wrist:

codemymobile_thinkapps_twitterImage Source: Thinkapps

And finally, here’s what swiping left and right on an Apple Watch might look like in Tinder:

touchart_thinkapps_tinder-1Image Source: Thinkapps

For more mockups, head over to the Thinkapps blog, which is linked down in our source section.