From the same guys that brought you the critically acclaimed will-it-blend and the liquid-nitrogen-and-sledgehammer combo iPhone 6 torture test comes another hit video: The iPhone 6 Plus meets bullet shot from 50-caliber rifle.

FROM EARLIER: Video shows just how easy it is to bend the iPhone 6 Plus

The iPhone 6 Plus is made of metal and glass, and while the device is likely to survive certain drops and withstand some water damage, don’t expect it to survive more complex accidents that involve more complex damage. In fact, some recent reports pointed out that the iPhone 6 will surprisingly bend when held in pants pockets.

Thus, it should be obvious what happens when the iPhone 6 Plus is hit by a 50-caliber round, but YouTube channel RaterRR still put the Apple phablet through this particular stress test for reasons we can only speculate.

Even though the result is known in advanced, you’ll still want to see this particular bullet collision, especially the slow motion action. As always, don’t try these tricks at home, and in case you need a bulletproof vest, don’t make one out of iPhones.

Check out the entire video below.