The iPhone 6 Plus is ridiculously hard to find right now but there’s still one online retailer where you can get one right now if you act fast. Amazon still lists just two — yes, two — gold 128GB iPhone 6 Plus models in stock. In other words, if you want to get one, you’d best go over there and buy it right now.

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Right now the device is unlocked and is selling for $1,751.00, so this is definitely something you won’t be able to buy unless you’ve saved up a fair amount of coin. That said, if you want to get a 128GB iPhone 6 Plus without having to wait a while and without having to pay ridiculous prices for one on eBay, this may be your best option, however fleeting it may be.

Last year, for instance, an at-the-time-rare gold iPhone 5s fetched an insane $10,000 on eBay from some desperate buyer who just couldn’t wait for Apple to replenish its stock.