As a matter of course, we try to cover some of the most interesting crowdfunded and independently developed projects, whether they’re pitched to us or we stumble across them while scouring the Internet. We’ve seen a full desktop computer that can fit in your pocket, the swiss army knife of coolers and some guy who just wanted to make potato salad, but none compare to the most inessential smart device ever made: Vessyl.

As Vessyl inventor Justin Lee explains, the digital cup can automatically detect what you put inside it along with nutritional information about its contents and how much of it you are consuming. On Monday night’s Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert noted that “that level of information was previously available only on the can you just poured it out of.”

Of course, Vessyl is a more capable device than Colbert and his crack writing staff would have you believe — it syncs up with many popular activity trackers, it can help you keep track of your hydration habits and it gives you feedback about what you should and shouldn’t be drinking based on your health goals.

But it’s just way more fun to make fun of a cup that tells you what you’re drinking. Watch the clip from the Colbert Report below.