Comcast received the dubious honor of being named the “worst company in America” earlier this month, and it regularly receives poor rankings in customer satisfaction surveys due to complaints that focus on the company’s service quality and problems with the quality of customer service it provides. According to Comcast’s executive vice president David Cohen, however, the company’s bad image makes no sense because its customer service is fantastic.

“I point out we get over 300 million service calls a year. A million a day,” Cohen told The New York Times in a recent interview picked up by “So if we do a great job on 99 percent of them, then we are going to have three million people who are angry — and we do a great job on way more than 99 percent.”

Cohen’s suggestion that Comcast criticisms come from a vocal minority may indeed be valid, but it is also curiously in stark contrast with earlier statements he made.

Not even two weeks ago, Cohen was quoted by The Washington Post as having fully acknowledged that Comcast has tremendous difficulty providing good customer care to its subscribers.

“It bothers us we have so much trouble delivering high quality of service to customers on a regular basis,” Cohen said while discussing the quality of Comcast’s customer service. He continued, “sometimes, we need a kick in the butt.”