You have to tip your cap to a man who makes a very unwise bet but who nonetheless follows through on it. Digital Trends brings us the story of a Redditor who goes by the name of “Anndddyyyy” who made a bet that he would eat his hat if Bitcoin’s price didn’t rise above $1,000 by January 1st, 2014. It goes without saying that this didn’t come to pass and “Anndddyyyy,” who admits to being drunk when making the bet, was on the hook for one hat eating. But while many people would have welched on such a bet, “Anndddyyyy” decided to follow through and shoot of 45-minute video documentary of himself cutting up a bandana and slowly devouring it bit by bit. The video posted below is not safe for work, as “Anndddyyyy” swears quite a bit during his hat eating but is nonetheless worth watching for anyone who enjoys watching Internet nerds do things that are completely ridiculous.