A massive new apartment complex still under construction in Houston, Texas caught fire on Tuesday. Footage all over every news channel showed the huge complex engulfed in flames, and we all looked on, thankful that the site was still under construction and not yet occupied by residents. There were still plenty of construction workers on the job when the raging inferno broke out, however, and one man narrowly escaped death in what may be one of the most intense rescue videos we have ever seen.

Captured on a smartphone camera by an onlooker in a building adjacent to the site, a construction worker found himself trapped on a top-floor balcony as the fire raged behind him. Fire fighters on the scene didn’t see the man at first, but he finally managed to flag them down just as the inferno reached the room at his back.

The scene that followed is a heart-pounding reminder of just how daring and heroic fire fighters truly are.

A video uploaded by YouTube user Karen Jones that shows the daring rescue in its entirety is embedded below.