Let’s say you’ve already beaten Infamous: Second Son, you’re anxiously awaiting the next big release, but you have no idea when anything is coming out. Well, the fine folks at the PlayStation Blog have done us all a favor and put together a list of every single PlayStation 4 game that has been announced for 2014 so far. The list is broken into games that have already released, games coming out in the coming seasons and the games that haven’t been given firm release dates yet.

The spring will bring a slew of huge titles, from Watch Dogs to MLB 14: The Show, along with some exciting indies like Daylight and Mercenary Kings. Destiny promises to be one of the biggest multiplatform releases of the year when it launches this summer, Evolve will bring cooperative action to the new generation of consoles in the fall, and the just-announced Assassin’s Creed Unity will fill out the winter.

Driveclub has sadly been bumped into the TBA section, but there’s plenty to look forward to throughout the year, as this enormous list proves. Head over to the PlayStation Blog to see all the games you’ll be able to pick up this year.