Two of my favorite pieces of tech aren’t only getting better today, they’re integrating with one another. Automatic’s Link, which plugs into a vehicle’s OBD-II port in order to track rides and send other useful tidbits to one’s phone, now works with IFTTT. The latter is a free service that enables one thing (in this case, a notification from Link) to trigger another.

Now that the two support one another, Link users will be able to do things like: display check engine details on their Glass headset; log all trips to a Google Spreadsheet; receive a message when your significant other leaves work; and yes, tweet that you’re at Disneyland once you arrive at Disneyland.

The Automatic Link IFTTT channel initially supports triggers originating from the ignition being turned on / off, check engine light turning on / off, and a trip being completed. As you’d expect, users will be able to cook up their own recipes from IFTTT’s growing list of partners, and if you haven’t figured out what such a service can do for you, have a read here.