What a strange and wonderful place the Internet is. Anything and everything you might want is just a few clicks away, especially when it comes to video content. Want a live feed of pandas chewing on bamboo at the zoo? Easy. Want to watch videos of cats hiding in boxes? Done. Want one site where you can go to stare at like footage piped across the web from more than 3,000 different security cameras across the globe? A Redditor recently created a site that does just that.

The aptly named Livesecuritycams.com site is a collection of about 3,100 publicly available security camera feeds from around the world, allowing viewers to sit and stare for hours at live footage from scenes including rooftops in Finland, the coastline in the United Kingdom, the night sky in Japan and the inside of an active factory in Denmark.

Think it’s weird? You’re right — but good luck averting your attention once you dive in…

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