For those who use BiteSMS, upgrading to iOS 7 was a painful decision that you likely agonized over for days. On one hand, iOS 7 makes iOS 6 look old and boring so updating your handset is a must. On the other hand, BiteSMS! Those who chose to pull the trigger and update to iOS 7 despite losing BiteSMS can now finally dump Apple’s Messages app and go back to using the jailbreak tweak they love. As of Wednesday, BiteSMS for iOS 7 is out of beta and available to all jailbroken iPhones running iOS 7 or later, including the iPhone 5s.

For those unaware, BiteSMS completely replaces iOS’s standard messaging app with a much more full-featured solution. Users can schedule messages, read and compose messages in a small window on the iPhone without leaving whatever app the might be using at the time, automatically forward messages, use message templates and much more.

BiteSMS for iOS 7 is available immediately on jailbroken iPhones for free in the Cydia app store. The app is ad-supported after a 7-day trial, and users can pay a one-time $7.99 fee to remove ads permanently.