Despite not making any announcements at CES 2014, Microsoft has been unofficially tied to new products that were on display at the trade show, including NVIDIA’s Tegra K1, which will reportedly equip the Surface 3 and AMD’s Mullins processor that’s apparently considered for the rumored Xbox TV. Of the newly announced Tegra K1 processor versions, the Surface 3 will reportedly make use of the 64-bit version, dubbed Denver, which will arrive later this year. The new Windows tablet/laptop may only launch at end of 2014, @MSFTnerd tweeted (via Microsoft-News), and it will likely be preceded by Surface Mini and LTE versions of the Surface 2. The “Surface notebook” plans are apparently on hold according to the same source, and Microsoft is considering using AMD’s Mullins processor inside the Xbox TV, instead of its custom chip produced by Samsung.