T-Mobile’s big CES 2014 press conference on Wednesday is underway and as expected, it has not disappointed so far. CEO John Legere is as entertaining as ever as he prepares to take the wraps off of the fourth installment of T-Mobile’s “Uncarrier” initiative, which looks to woo subscribers by eliminating many of the pain points typically associated with wireless service in America. During the event, Legere took a break from bashing AT&T and other carrier rivals to announce preliminary subscriber numbers for the fourth quarter last year, and he wasn’t lying when he hinted earlier that the numbers would be impressive.

According to Legere, T-Mobile added 869,000 net postpaid subscribers in Q4 2013, and 1.645 million total net customers. Analysts were expecting that postpaid subscriber figure to come in at 650,000. T-Mobile has now added well over 2 million new postpaid customers over the past three quarters, signaling that the carrier’s Uncarrier initiatives — and Legere’s antics — are indeed working

In 2013, T-Mobile added a total of 4.4 million net customers.