It’s 2014 and we still haven’t seen any signs of the iTV, the iWatch or any fresh Apple devices outside of the typical lineup, but one company isn’t going to wait around for Apple’s take on a motion controller. IK Multimedia’s “touchless controller,” dubbed the iRing, uses the iPhone’s front-facing camera to determine where the controller is in relation to the phone and allows users to control their apps with gestures. According to the company’s website, the iRing was designed with music apps in mind:

“Making music and creating killer real time effects for nonstop dance music and grooves is now easy and as simple as moving your hands… something you probably already do. So get the groove going and take control with your hands and iRing.”

The package includes two rings as well as two music editing apps from the App Store. The iRing is currently available for preorder on IK Multimedia’s website and electronics retailers worldwide for $24.99. A video of the iRing in action can be seen below.