The Retina display on Apple’s iPhone 5s might not pack as many pixels as the full HD screens on rival handsets, but it’s still among the best in the business. It’s not the best, as that title is held by none other than Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 display, but it’s extremely impressive nevertheless. As good as it is though, Apple is hardly standing still. A newly published patent application filed by Apple back in 2012 reveals that Apple is actively developing exciting new technology that could have a dramatic impact on the color reproduction and vividness of future iPhone displays.

The patent covers a “quantum dot-enhanced display having dichroic filter,” and was unearthed on the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office website by AppleInsider.

“Quantum dots (QDs) are technically nanocrystals – in some cases smaller than a virus – made from various semiconductor materials that exhibit special quantum mechanical characteristics,” AppleInsider wrote in a post covering the new technology. “Of interest to display makers, as well as other industries in the optics field, are QDs’ light-emitting properties. Specifically, the material can be “tuned,” or manufactured, to emit very narrow spectrums of light.”

We’re not sure Apple’s new display tech will be ready in time for the upcoming iPhone 6, but future iPhone models could definitely see huge improvements in display quality, as could upcoming iPad tablets.