It happened, cord cutters… it really happened. Following a report from DSLReports, it appears as though Comcast has made a new Internet service plan available in some markets that really is a cord cutter’s dream come true. The new offering, dubbed “Internet Plus,” bundles 25Mbps Internet service with HBO GO, local TV channels and Comcast’s Streampix streaming movie and TV show service for $40 per month to for a year. The service then jumps to $70 per month after the first 12 months, which is still a bargain for cord cutters compared to other options out there (personally, I pay Time Warner Cable $60 each month just for 30Mbps Internet service with no TV package). The new Internet Plus service is not available in all areas, it would seem, but it will go a long way to answer the prayers of many cable subscribers who have dreamed of ditching all of the filler in their cable TV bundles but couldn’t survive without Sookie, Nucky and the Khaleesi. A screenshot of Comcast’s unicorn follows below.