You know that soft cap on your Verizon Wireless data plan that you hate so much? Well, you’ll soon hate it even more. Verizon’s nationwide 4G LTE network already covers more of the U.S. population than any rival LTE network, and data speeds are quite impressive in many regions as well. Those speeds will soon be kicked into overdrive, however, as the nation’s largest wireless carrier begins to deploy big network upgrades. In fact, Verizon’s new higher-speed wireless data service is already going live for testing in some areas, and a lucky GigaOm reader recently stumbled upon the new faster service in midtown Manhattan. Using a standard iPhone 5s on Verizon’s network, the reader saw data speeds in excess of 80Mbps. Verizon’s upgraded 4G LTE network isn’t yet live so there’s no telling how fast it will be once it launches, but tests performed ahead of Verizon’s initial LTE rollout in New York City were pretty close to what we saw post-launch. Screenshots of a speed test performed on Verizon’s upgraded LTE network follow below.