Google Fiber is far from the only high-speed fiber service rolling out in the United States. Ars Technica reports that small Vermont telecom company VTel, with a big assist from an $81 million stimulus grant from the federal government, has started rolling out a fiber network to its 17,500 customers and charging them around $35 a month for gigabit Internet service. For perspective on what a great deal this is, consider that Google Fiber’s stand-alone gigabit Internet service costs residents in Kansas City $70 a month, or twice what VTel customers will pay for their service. Ars notes that “VTel’s testing in customers’ homes shows that its gigabit customers typically get between 925 and 950Mbps for both downloads and uploads,” so it really isn’t an exaggeration to say that VTel is offering Google Fiber speeds at just a fraction of the price.